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I would like to tell you a story. Some of you know all or part already, some do not, some will not know what it means, but I hope it will help those who do to understand.

There was once a baby boy, born among a gypsy clan but not of them. His mother left him there as soon as she could, for reasons of her own, and he was raised as the son of the leader and his wife, along with their older son and, later, their daughters.

The boy was a mutant, born with physical changes, so he always looked very different to anyone else, but his family loved him and he loved them. He was raised believing family was the most important thing in the world, and that has stayed with him to this day.

When the boy was eighteen and no longer really a boy, the man he knew as father died, only a few years after the family's third child, his sister, was lost to them. It was hard for all the family, but not so hard they could not come through it, and things settled back into a kind of happiness.

Eventually, the man came to America and things happened there he would wish never had. He was taken by a bad man and forced into things he would never have done if not drugged. He stayed in America, after that, and found a team who would come to be another family. He also found his lost sister again, though she could not rejoin the clan.

Things were good for some years, but it would not be so forever. A few months before the man's thirtieth birthday, driven by events with his team, he left in search of his birth mother. He had known who she was for some time, and known she should be his enemy, but he needed answers only she knew. He had lied to his friends, to gain the time to do so, and his sister found this out and was afraid. People came to retrieve him, but he felt he owed the woman loyalty for what she had given him, at least one time, and so he helped her to escape.

His adopted mother learned what he had done. She was already unwell by that time, he learned later, and had become stricter than she once was. She cast him out of the clan for his betrayal, and he returned to America once again. He would not be accepted back, in complicated circumstances, until only a few moments before his mother died in turn.

There would be two other meetings with his birth mother, neither ending well for one reason or another, and he also encountered his birth father - and was injured at his hands for his mutancy. Over time and with his birth mother's behaviour towards him, he came to believe she had his best interests at heart as her child, though she did not hesitate to hurt those he worked with. He came to trust her as far as his own self went, and even to love her. He had no other parent but her, and as I have said, he believed in family above all else.

The woman knew that, and used it to secure his trust over the course of years. Finally, the man went out on another mission, and the woman showed her true colours. She deceived him, used him in an attempt to harm a child, and she could pretend no more - so he knew the truth, and turned against her to stop her plans.

The man has no parents now. He will give those who birthed him nothing but defiance, if ever he meets them again, and that is the way it must be... but it is not an easy thing.
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