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A piece of hope went out of the world today.

I need to make a short visit to the medlab, and then I will be in my room. Visit only for emergencies tonight, please, unless you are family or Wanda.
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I have returned, apparently just in time to miss the latest crisis. I am glad everyone is at least well enough to recover.

Jane, I hope you enjoyed the show?
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We have returned, but now I will be leaving again for a time. I find I need a rest, so I have been in touch with my brother to tell him to expect me.

It is, after all, past time the Amazing Nightcrawler made a reappearance on the stage for a few weeks. Anyone who wishes will be welcome to visit, or to come and see me perform - complimentary tickets can be arranged.

I will see you all when I come back. Amanda, please check your email.
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I am back from my visit home, as you may already have realized. I am to go dancing with Wanda tonight, leaving in a few minutes, but I wanted to post before going out.

Happy New Year to all. Scott, thank you for the present.
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Now that Amanda has mentioned it, I do have Christmas plans. On Sunday morning, I will be going home for a few days, to celebrate with my family.

Guests are always welcome among the clan, and I know my brother and sisters have wanted to meet more of my friends (especially those of you who know Meggan, she would love to see you again), so anyone who would like to join us, please let me know.
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His name is Triscuit.
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We have held the remembrance service, and the strictest of the mourning time is over. It will continue for yet another 23 days, but it relaxes a little now, and the elders decided I may contact you.

They have also decided I may return to New York for a short time, as Stefan has asked it, though I must be back with the clan before the final day of mourning. Stefan is inviting as many of you as would like to come to his wedding, and I must collect some things, so I will be coming back in person.

I will see you all tomorrow.
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Yvette? Would you come to my rooms, please?

I have someone who would like to speak with you.
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OOC: The following post is written in Romani, because Kurt has (very) temporarily forgotten he speaks English. This means that only Wanda, Pietro, Doug and Amanda will be able to understand more than a word or two of it, and will be able to pick out grammar and spelling mistakes. Otherwise, have at!]

~I would like to thank Logan for letting me steal his rum and for buying the other drinks. And for making me see that it was true I was being a coward and hiding. There will be no more image inducer, I will be putting it away and not wearing it again.

Also for finding the cab back to the school.~
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As Jean said, I am much better now and out of the medlab, if anyone wishes to see me. This would not be true without the help of the medlab staff and others, who know who they are, and I am in their debt.

I will be around as needed, and of course teaching classes when they restart.
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The final papers came through yesterday, so I am now officially Kurt Sefton.

And today it is my thirtieth birthday. I suppose the timing is fitting.
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After some thought, I have decided it is time for a certain change.

For a variety of reasons, I will be changing my name to fit with my sister's, as soon as I can complete the paperwork. So, when that is done, I will be Kurt Sefton.

I will talk about this in more detail with anyone who wishes, and I will not expect the new name to be the one everyone uses immediately, or at all. But the decision is made.
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My brother Stefan has come to the mansion - he would be the large blond man some of you may see while he is here - and I will be returning to Germany with him for a time. It seems our mother wishes to speak with me, so I am called home.

I cannot say exactly how long, but I will not be out of contact while I am there. Amanda knows how to reach the clan, or Stefan at least, should it be necessary.

I will be in touch soon, and return, I hope, not long after.
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As some of you may have noticed, I have been out of the mansion more than usual for the last few days. This is because I had an opportunity to work with the great Bob Anderson, for fencing training, and this was not one I could pass up.

Thank you, Crystal, for arranging it. It was a wonderful experience and I thank you for thinking of it.
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If anyone wants me, I will be in the greenhouse.
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At risk of unoriginality, thank you for the breakfast.

I have to ask... just how early did you get up to organise all of this?
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I hope you all enjoyed your dinner out, medlab team?
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I also have a T-shirt - "Now you see me, now you don't". Thank you, whoever is doing this, I will wear it with pride.

On another note, Lorna, I am sorry to hear about your mother. I will pray for her swift recovery.
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I feel it is time I started to be more social again - there are so many new arrivals to the mansion, who I have not met or have only spoken to in passing.

Visitors are always welcome in my room, or if I am not there, you may find me in the attic greenhouse or the gym, or in the grounds. Please do come by!

Good news!

Apr. 18th, 2004 09:29 pm
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Sam, Tabitha, Ororo, did you see the news article about Colleen?
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