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Kurt Sefton ([personal profile] xp_nightcrawler) wrote in [community profile] xp_logs2017-10-17 03:28 am

Kurt and Amanda, 3am

Kurt goes to retrieve Amanda from her sorrow-drowning session, and they share some of those sorrows.

I take it back, Kurt, what I said to Xorn. It's too much, the whole thing. )
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Clea Lake ([personal profile] xp_clea) wrote in [community profile] xp_communication2017-10-17 09:37 am

Txt to Amanda

I am starting to dream about the city again. Should we worry?
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Amanda Sefton ([personal profile] xp_daytripper) wrote in [community profile] x_project2017-10-17 11:19 am
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Last Week in X-Project!

To read along with the game, visit xp_friends!

Oct 9-15 )
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Maya Lincoln-Lopez ([personal profile] xp_echo) wrote2017-10-17 07:53 pm

Drive by

People better not have rented out my room. Don't think I wouldn't know. I have spies.

Dad says we get to stay here for a few days, so I got one of those Internet Cafe cards. Still no cellphones though, too easily tracked.

Not sure I have much time, but feel free to tell me about all the weird sh*t that's happened since I've been gone.

Hope somebody has been keeping school notes for me.
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Clarice Ferguson ([personal profile] xp_blink) wrote2017-10-16 09:40 pm

(no subject)

NOPE. I am not sober enough for this shit.

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Artie Maddicks ([personal profile] xp_artie) wrote in [community profile] xp_communication2017-10-17 09:45 am

Email to Phase 1 XFORCE

To [the old crowd]
Subject  [i goddamn quit]
Attached  [mansion security footage]

Remy. Is back. The new improved version. 

Fuck this shit.
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xp_gambit ([personal profile] xp_gambit) wrote in [community profile] xp_logs2017-10-16 02:38 pm

Log: Tripped The Wrong Switch

When an old system of hers trips, Sue finds the source to be filled with new information.

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xp_topaz ([personal profile] xp_topaz) wrote in [community profile] xp_communication2017-10-16 11:39 am

Text to Amanda

Professor suspects extremely low-level telepathy, but we can't figure out what triggers it since I haven't been able to repeat it.

Meeting took long enough I ran out of my own tea, and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed shoving the Earl Gray on me.
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Lorna Dane ([personal profile] xp_olaris) wrote in [community profile] xp_logs2017-10-15 12:42 pm

Log: Newlyweds

Lorna and Alex are on their way to start their honeymoon. And are being everything you expect from newlyweds

knew I had to lock you down )
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Darcy Lewis ([personal profile] xp_darcy) wrote2017-10-14 10:40 pm

(no subject)

 Sooooooooo it's not Halloween yet but I got a bunch of the tootsie roll mix candy on sale so SURPRISE there's some in random bowls around this place now. 
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Lorna Dane ([personal profile] xp_olaris) wrote2017-10-14 07:17 pm

(no subject)

I am Mrs. Alex Summers. :00000000
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Sooraya Qadir ([personal profile] xp_dust) wrote in [community profile] xp_logs2017-10-13 03:11 pm

Jean and Sooraya (backdated)

Jean and Sooraya talk.

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Sooraya Qadir ([personal profile] xp_dust) wrote in [community profile] xp_logs2017-10-12 11:06 am

Angelo and Sooraya; exciting news (backdated)

After some serious discussion, Angelo tells Sooraya some exciting news. 

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Lorna Dane ([personal profile] xp_olaris) wrote in [community profile] xp_logs2017-10-14 10:00 am

Pre-Wedding: Wedding Crasher

Warren sees Lorna before she is dressed and he is freaking out.

Way to ruin the moment )

Wedding Crasher arrives and greets Charles like an old friend.

I don't recall your name on the guest list. )

Charles gathers Alex and Scott in Lorna's tent and tells them the situation.

I'm sure it'll be fine )

Erik sees his daughter to wish her happiness and to ask her to comeback to the Brotherhood.

You don't need resort to violence to get my attention )
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Namor ([personal profile] xp_submariner) wrote in [community profile] xp_communication2017-10-14 09:40 am

Email to Clint Baron, Molly Hayes, Kitty Pryde

To: [Infantry]
CC: [Archer], [Pryde]
Subject: Santa Anna Business

We are saddened to here of your unfortunate weakness concerning green rocks. We have heard from second hand sources that you were inquiring about our own health by comparison. While I am delighted that your weakness has given you cause to look for better role models, I would advise against trying to emulate me on a physical level.

It is better to have goals you can reach, Miss Hayes.

Atlantean stock has always been more superior to your human base. Let Us both enjoy that the universe still feels fit to give this fact a chance to shine. Mister Barton and Miss Pryde are more aware of the baseline of my superiority, if you would like to enlighten yourself further.

Warm Regards,
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Felicia Hardy ([personal profile] xp_blackcat) wrote2017-10-13 10:56 pm
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Instagram cross post

I suppose this should be called back FROM black? A little bit more grey-white for the 
upcoming holiday. Plus. #happyfridaythe13th #leatherjacket #witchnails #nextupisacut
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Gabriel Cohuelo ([personal profile] xp_velocidad) wrote in [community profile] xp_communication2017-10-13 08:29 pm

Text to Wanda

(1/3) It's Friday the 13th
(2/3) Oh wait, the rehearsal dinner is tonight
(3/3) Weird how that lined up
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Gabriel Cohuelo ([personal profile] xp_velocidad) wrote in [community profile] xp_communication2017-10-13 08:22 pm

Email to Hank and Reed

To: [Reed Richards] [Hank McCoy]
From: [Gabriel Cohuelo]
Subject: Thanks

Hey nerds,

Cool hanging out with you. If you count a flight and then hanging out somewhere in the same region but far apart hanging out. Which I guess we should, given the standards of the place we live.

Anyway, can't say I understand what you did, but thanks for building that thing so that we could get this thing done and not die.

See you around,

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Monica Rambeau ([personal profile] xp_spectrum) wrote in [community profile] xp_logs2017-10-05 08:06 pm

Molly and Nica - backdated to October 5

A random encounter in the rec room leads to talk about Asgard, teams and powers.

Were you like five before you went and now you're an adult? )
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Matt Murdock ([personal profile] xp_daredevil) wrote in [community profile] xp_teams2017-10-12 07:30 pm


Following the intel from Facade, Gabriel and Black Widow took up surveillance on the Santa Ana Police Station where the emerald was being stored. At 3:14 a.m., an unmarked van (which was later traced to a Sapien League shell company) arrived at the back of the station and was allowed into the loading bay. Six masked individuals disembarked and met a police officer, who appeared to be cooperating with them - they entered the police station and came out approximately 25 minutes later carrying a large rock about the size of a mini-fridge. The rock was covered in a tarpaulin and loaded into the van. The six masked individuals left, while the police officer returned to the station.

Gabriel and Black Widow remained to observe the police officer at the station, while the van was tracked by Wildchild and Synch, who confirmed it was the correct vehicle by the smell of the emerald, which is very distinctive and "smells like ass." I can confirm it smells like ass. They continued to follow the van at enough distance to avoid being spotted for the next two and a half hours, as it headed north-east into the desert. The van left the highway and drove along a dirt road to a remote location, which appeared to be their base. The emerald was taken into a large metal shed which seemed to have been recently built. Cyclops stated that that it was very difficult to spot from the air and was painted to blend into the desert.

At 6:00 a.m. Cyclops ordered the target be taken. Rogue carried Daredevil to the ground to join Wildchild and Synch in taking down the sentries without raising the alarm. At the same time, Sub-mariner and Bruiser landed on the roof of the shed and peeled off a section of the roof for access, while Cyclops and Iceman approached the front doors of the building and Firestar and the Human Torch covered the back. A number of SL came charging out of the building and engaged Cyclops, Iceman, Firestar and Torch, but left the emerald guarded. These guards were taken on by Bruiser and Sub-mariner. Due to the proximity to the emerald, almost all team members experienced some symptoms of weakness and nausea, depending on how close they were.

Dr. Richards and Dr. McCoy used the winch on the loading hatch of the Blackbird to lower their containment device into the shed by way of the large hole created by Bruiser and S-M. With assistance from S-M, they were able to place the emerald in the device and winch it back onto the Blackbird for safe transport. At this point, realising their plan was no longer viable, those SLs who were still conscious fled. Their unconscious 'friends' were restrained and an anonymous tip made to the local authorities that a meth lab had been discovered at the location.

Considering previous encounters with the League, and the fact that there were some less experienced team members, the mission was extremely well carried out. The emerald - and its containment - has been placed in storage in a secret location in the desert.