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Lorna (and Kyle, Logan and possibly Matt), I am sorry for the smell of burning in the kitchen, and the mess in the oven.

Wade and I were trying to make chicken and waffles, after some of my brother's home distilled produce.  I will clean it all up when my head stops pounding.
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So everyone knows, Tandy is back and well apart from powers-related exhaustion.  I believe she will be released from the medlab later today.

What exactly happened is hers to talk about if she chooses, and not if she does not, so please do not press her for details.
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Clarice, I would like to take you up on that offer now if it is still open.  To Bavaria, with a stop at the Brownstone, please.

For everyone else, whether by plane or teleportation, I am going home for a few days.  I am taking North with me, so no one worries about him, and Jean, I promise to keep an eye on him.
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I watched Rachel die.  I do not need anyone to remind me that we could not save her or protect any of our children, that is not something I will ever forget.  But I should not have lost my temper in public, and for that I apologise.
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I would like to request that no one else goes where I cannot keep an eye on them.  But I do understand the need, so I will not attempt to lock anyone in their rooms.

And having said that, Cammie and I are going to Vermont.  We will have our phones and will be back tomorrow, or possibly even today.
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Amanda, before I forget to tell you, I spoke to Stefan and the clan is packing up to move somewhere they have never gone before, perhaps even out of Bavaria.  I thought it best we do not know exactly where.

Just a precaution, but if they will take Rachel, they will take anyone.
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The thought will not leave me that if they are so convinced we are tied to Magneto, perhaps I should contact my mother and meet their expectations.

And yes, I know it would be an exceptionally bad idea, but still it persists.
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Little sister, it has been a week and I am still finding odd-coloured powder in my fur.  There will be payback.
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Oh, Amelia.

It should have been me.
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My dear father has apparently decided a mutant must be behind the E. coli outbreak in Europe and is saying so, loudly, to any news crew or reporter who will listen to him.

If my being his son was more than an accident of biology or a whim of my mother's, I would be ashamed.
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Amanda? When the Romanian branch of the clan were asking you about hexing President Basescu, what exactly did you say to put them off?

I only ask because I hear they have been talking to Jimaine...
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Happy 18th birthday, baby sister. A family dinner for the three of us who are in the country tonight, perhaps?
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For those who noticed Meggan's absence yesterday and this morning, or perhaps anything odd before that, she has had a rather unpleasant few days but she is safely back now and sleeping in her room.

Anyone who wishes may look in on her, but one at a time and quietly, please. If you disturb her, I will have to ask you to leave.

Catseye, you are welcome to stay with her as SmallCat.
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Today, after some research and discussion with Professor Xavier, I have submitted the paperwork to legally adopt Nicholas Gleason.

I do not anticipate any problems, as there is no one to contest it and Nick is happy with the idea, so soon enough he will be my legal responsibility.

Catseye, you may consider this the end of the secret.
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Happy birthday, my Meggan. Duty calls so I cannot take you out just now, but I promise you a fine dinner very soon.
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I am just returned from Germany, where I was for a few days for my no longer so little Jimaine's twentieth birthday.

The grandmothers and the boys were both circling. Stefan and I had to deliver the menacing big brother talk to at least three young men.

All my sisters are growing up so. Meggan, you are forbidden to grow up too fast.
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To let everyone know, I will be taking over the literature class following Mr. Beaubier's departure.

Any suggestions for books you would like to study will be taken into consideration if they are appropriate.
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My girlfriend needs a better psychic circuit breaker. One that does not make her catatonic at inopportune moments.
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I would like to tell you a story. Some of you know all or part already, some do not, some will not know what it means, but I hope it will help those who do to understand.

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I am going away for a little while. Sam, I am sorry to leave just as you return, but circumstances demand it. If anyone needs to contact me urgently, I will take my Blackberry and check my email when I can.

Amanda, would you be willing to look after Triscuit? If not, I will find an alternative, but he likes you.

I hope to be back soon.
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